Can Blinds and Shades Insulate your Home?

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In short, Yes!

The long answer is worth reading if you’re tired of paying too much in electricity and gas during the summer and winter months. While it might not seem obvious, most window treatments will affect the insulation worthiness of any window. Be-it drapes or even cheap blinds; anything that creates a barrier of trapped air will effectively insulate the area behind it.
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If you really want to change the insulating properties of your window without replacing them, a simple solution with blinds and shades is to try Cellular, also known as Honeycomb shades. The reference to honeycomb is due to the pattern made between the fabric that resembles a honeycomb pattern.

Honeycomb shades offer the most insulation available of any product. It does this by trapping air within the shade itself AND, trapping air between the window and the fabric as well. This effectively creates a double wall of insulation upon itself and the window it covers, blocking both heat and cold while keeping your living space at a balanced temperature.
Another effective method for insulating your window (that isn’t discussed often enough) is to install shutters! In addition to creating an extra seal around the edge of your window case; shutters are able to trap a large portion of air between the window and the louvers by keeping them closed; this trapped air will then act as a medium, reducing the transmission of heat or cold air.

So there you go… Two easy solutions for insulating your home while looking stylish and increasing the overall property value.

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William G.

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