The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shutters

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Shutters are sophisticated window treatments that serve both aesthetic and functional purposes in the home. From regulating light, heat, and airflow to ensuring privacy and ventilation and adding character to a space, shutters are valuable and permanent additions that enhance comfort and ambiance when thoughtfully chosen.

This comprehensive guide covers key factors and considerations for selecting exceptional shutters tailored to your needs, style, and home architecture.

Understanding Shutters: Origins, Benefits and Purpose

Shutters have a storied history, stemming back to Ancient Greece and Rome as primitive coverings that evolved over time into the elegant window dressings we know today.

In warmer Southern regions, louver-style shutters became essential for allowing breezes while blocking harsh sunlight and heat. This remains one of the core functions of interior and exterior shutters – leveraging adjustable slats to control light, temperature, and airflow.

Window shutters in the living room adding style and functionality
  • Regulates natural light, heat and cold
  • Ensures privacy as needed
  • Allows for adjustable ventilation
  • Enhances aesthetics and architectural appeal
  • Adds value and long-lasting beauty to your home

Factor #1: Shutter Placement – Interior vs. Exterior

Interior Shutters:

  • Provides insulation against cold and heat
  • Absorbs sound and enhances privacy
  • Available in a wider array of materials like faux wood
  • Requires less extreme weather durability

Exterior Shutters:

  • Made of durable materials to withstand weathering
  • Provides security and storm protection
  • Allows for easy cleaning since it is not attached to window frames
  • Offers historical curb appeal and architectural interest

Factor #2: Shutter Materials and Quality

  • Wood Shutters: Basswood is a common quality wood offering attractive traditional visuals. However, humidity and extreme heat can cause warping or splitting. Regular upkeep is needed.
  • Synthetic Shutters: Durable polymer composite materials resist splitting, denting, and swelling in humidity. Great for wet climates but can lack a natural wood grain finish.
  • Composite Shutters: A blend of polymer, wood dust, and fiber for durable, low-maintenance shutters with attractive faux wood texture. It’s a good middle-ground option.

No matter the base material, quality hardware, durable finishes, and sturdy frames impact longevity. Investing in shutters made by reputable craftsmen is recommended, even at increased costs.

Factor #3: Custom-Made vs. Ready-Made

Custom-made shutters are tailored to EXACT window measurements in your home for a flawless, bespoke fit. This precision manufacturing ensures shutters operate smoothly and provides optimal insulation, light control, and visual appeal.

Conversely, ready-made “one size fits most” options won’t suit openings precisely. Light seepage, air gaps, misaligned edges, and other issues can arise from poor fittings that worsen over time and detract visually.

Factor #4: Shutter Styles

  • Louver Shutters: Timeless angled slats tilt to adjust airflow and light. Offers a refined, versatile look.
  • Board & Batten Shutters: Vertical boards connected by horizontal battens for a rustic cottage or farmhouse feel.
  • Tier-on-Tier Shutters: Stacked, layered horizontal panels provide striking dimension. Popular for French doors or large windows.
  • Custom Shaped Shutters: These are manufactured in specialty shapes like arches, angles, and curves. Tailor shutters to uniquely shaped windows.

Start Your Shutter Selection Journey

Arched window shutters enhancing architectural charm

Evaluating materials, quality, and style will equip you to choose exceptional shutters. For specialized guidance or professional installation services, contact Excellent Blinds & Shutters to start transforming your windows beautifully. Our consultative process considers your home’s unique architecture, lighting needs, stylistic vision, and functional priorities to recommend the ideal custom or ready-made shutters. Invest in quality with long-lasting durability and aesthetics to enhance your space.

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