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You can Contact Us by simply texting our business number at 626-733-8588. This is the number we use for all communication reminders for scheduling and after-sales service.

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(626) 733 8588

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Contact Us

Yes, we are in beautiful Southern California!

When you contact us, feel free to let us know details of your order. Since we’re local, we know exactly what type of window treatments work best for certain situations, and certain locations. Do you live near the beach where humidity and salt-water are a factor? Or maybe you’re located in the high-desert with blazing sun and high heat? In every case, we can help!

We also have a local warehouse where we manufacture most of our products. This results in dramatically faster lead-times than anyone else, and the ability to monitor product quality. Making window treatments is a complicated process that takes meticulous planning, measuring, and several steps during manufacturing to ensure everything is perfect. 

Our goal is to give you the best products with the best service. From the moment you hear of us, we strive to be Excellent!