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Owners Guide to Care/Cleaning and Operation

Blinds - Shades - Shutters - Drapes - Motorization

Updated Feb. 2023

Getting Started

Excellent Blinds and Shutters Window Treatments require only minimal attention to stay clean. We know it’s tempting to want to try household cleaners, fancy dusters or brushes, vacuums, and everything else found in your local home improvement store. Rest assured, we’ve experimented with everything you can think of, and nothing beats the simple micro-fiber cleaning cloth and humble dusting wand. Keep it simple and remember that we’re always here to help if you have any questions.

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Care and Cleaning Guide

How to Operate Blinds, Shades and Shutters


Shutters & Blinds

Dust regularly with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. Avoid exposure to excessive moisture and make sure windows are not left open during rain storms. For hard to clean marks or stains, gently spot clean with a lightly moistened cloth and be sure to wipe dry immediately after.


Shutters & Blinds

Due to its ability to resist moisture and humidity, dust may accumulate over time in humid environments and appear as marks or stains on the product. To clean, simply use a lightly moistened cloth and wipe away any visible dirt. Remember to close your windows during rain storms, as this will help to prevent any premature corrosion of the hardware included with your window treatments.

Roller Shades

Fabric & Synthetic

To clean most surfaces, dust or wipe clean with a soft microfiber cloth. Make sure to clean all surfaces and crevices. For tougher dust or dirt that wont come off, you may use a lightly moistened cloth. Use caution not to saturate the area or rub too hard as this may cause staining. Leave your shades down to fully dry.


Traditional & Sheer

When setting your drapes open or close, take extra care to make sure your hands are clean and dry. Excellent Blinds & Shutters Luxury Drapes are heirloom quality, but may be sensitive to constant surface friction from regular dusting. In order to preserve the integrity of the fabric, dust only when contaminants are visible on the surface of your drapes.

For Sheer Fabric: Caution should be taken to ensure the delicate fabric of sheer drapes is handled properly. Avoid operating while wearing loose bracelets, large rings with open settings, or poorly manicured fingernails as any tiny or sharp edges may catch and/or tear the fabric.

Motorized Shades

All battery operated shades will need to be charged to continue operating. The length of time a single Full Charge will last varies for each motor depending on product size, weight, usage and ambient room temperatures.

Charging the Battery: Locate the charging port on the exposed side of the roll. The port may be in a position located below or behind the unit and may appear as a black dot depending on the lighting of the room. This is normal. Plug-in your charging adapter and continue to charge until a green light appears on motor head. Charging times vary between motors.

Remote Control Notes: Occasionally check the batteries in your remote to ensure proper function. If using a Smart Hub, make sure you have a strong 2.4GHz wireless router connection. Also, verify that the App is up-to-date. (5GHz wireless router options will not work with current applications).

Operation Guide

Blinds, Shades & Shutters

Manufacturer Note: During installation your window treatments are carefully leveled when mounted to ensure proper functionality over the life of the product. There are however, many window openings which are imperfect in shape and may not be level. This is common. You may notice the appearance of uneven light gaps between your window frame and product, this is not a defect and does not affect your warranty.



Raise: Grab all the cords at once and gently pull down slightly left or right, and release to lock at the desired height.

Lower: Grab all the cords and gently pull down left or right to unlock and lower the blinds.



Raise and Lower: Gently pull down or raise in the direction you choose. Avoid abrupt movements as this may damage the internal spring within the unit.

Blinds Shades and Shutters California



Slowly Pull Straight Down on the chain in the     direction you wish to operate.

Avoid pulling on an angle or too hard-and-quick, as this may break or dislodge the chain from the internal mechanism.



Lower: Pull down on the shade until desired height and release to allow the lock to engage.

Raise: Pull the bottom of the shade slightly down to disengage the lock, continue to hold onto the shade until fully retracted. *Caution! Do not pull down more than 3” beyond the bottom of the window sill when fully extended as this may over-extend the shade and damage the roll.

Plantation Shutters

Our shutter system is designed to allow self-maintenance which allows the owner to further customize the feel and operation of their new shutters.

Clear View Upgrades: The design of your plantation shutters utilize a tilt-rod attached to the rear outer edge of the louvers, giving a clear view of the outside. Over time, this bar may come loose with constant use and exposure to friction and humidity. When needed, simply use a philips head screw driver to lightly tighten the bar until the screws are firmly seated. Use caution not to over-tighten.

Adjusting Louver Tension: Your plantation shutters are equipped with internal tension springs that allow you to tilt and set the louvers at any angle desired. When tilting your louvers, if you desire more or less tension, simply open your shutter panels and locate the adjustment screw along the outer edge of the panel (when viewing the panel from the side, (it will be located in the middle.) Use a philips head screw driver to tighten-clockwise or loosen-counterclockwise to your desired setting.

Single Panel

Shutter operation

To Open: Pull along the centermost Stile of the panel until unseated.

To Close: Guide your panel into the frame and gently push evenly along the Stile. Shutter panels made from Poly material weight more and may appear to slightly sag when opened. This is normal. Closing the panel will require lightly lifting the bottom of the panel until seated into the frame.

Bi-Fold Panel

Shutter Operation

To Open: Gently pull along the centermost Stile. Once the  panels are free from the frame, begin folding the panels until fully opened.

To Close: Pull along the centermost Stile of the panel(s) until they’re un-folded and completely flat, then push them into the frame until seated. Larger window openings that require larger shutter panels may appear to slightly sag due to the weight of the shutters. This is normal. Opening and closing the panels will require slightly lifting the center of the panels until they are seated closed.

After Sales Service

Our after sales service technicians are the best in the industry. At Excellent Blinds and Shutters, we stand behind our products and will make every reasonable attempt to repair or replace an item that meets our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please review your warranty information here.

For fast after sales service to questions and inquiries, please click on the button and fill-out our easy online form with as much detail as possible.