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Well hello neighbor, in the market for window treatments? Most people will have a need to purchase window treatments at least twice during home ownership, or even when renting a home. There are issues that plague the retail industry in this segment, mostly because innocent people are rushed into making decisions that will likely play a role, not only in the overall design of their living space but the emotions that living space will create. It’s very important to take some simple yet strategic steps to ensure you get the right window treatments to fit you and your budget.

What kind of Window Treatments are available?

Traditionally, you’ll find at least four kinds of treatments: Blinds, Shades, Shutters, and Drapes. While the first 3 lean more as a necessity in the home, Drapery can almost be classified into a class of its own, sorta like “jewelry” for your windows. There’s a lot to consider when you choose what to buy as a window covering. Blinds, for instance, are always the most economical solution, but may not be as pleasing to the eye as shades. Shutters are always appropriate for any room, but the cost is more and you may be limited on the style and color choice because you’ll want to make sure they match throughout your home. As an example, you wouldn’t want to pick dark walnut-stained shutters for the kitchen and pure white painted shutters for the living room if they’re all facing the same direction to the street. The result would be an optical migraine that would conjure up your neighborly “Karen” with demand letters from your friendly HOA. My point is simple… Since most window treatment retailers offer a consultation, you should take it. Even if you’re a pro-interior designer, having an industry professional who’s “been there, done that” and seen every wrong and right way to selectively design a living space using window treatments, can help immensely. If nothing else, and you’re set in what you want, the consultant can offer you affirmation and perhaps some detailed information on what to expect.

What kind of Features do you want?

Do you plan on leaving your windows open during the hot summer months but still want to capture the comforting breeze? Plantation Shutters might be the best option. Are you looking for something completely unique and design-savvy to match your interior design? Zebra shades would be the perfect choice. You should also consider other options, for instance, do you have children? Then opt for cordless solutions. Is the window going to face the sun in the afternoon? Then maybe choose cellular shades to help insulate against the excess heat against the window. Think beyond the tangible features you expect and consider the inherent material properties of your window treatments as well. Such as choosing Poly Shutters over Wood for areas in your home that experience high humidity, or maybe choosing blackout shades instead of solar shades for the master bedroom. Before choosing what kind of window treatments you want, it’s good to consider the overall expectations and outcome first.

Lead Times… How long is this actually going to take?

I love our country, don’t you? Where else in the world can you go, where you can easily find stores that carry ready-to-install window treatments? Be careful with the temptation to over-commit, thinking you’re getting a great deal and instant satisfaction. Most ready-to-install products are prefabricated to the most common dimensions found in American homes, BUT what a lot of people don’t consider is, like humans, every home is unique. Your home is always in the process of shifting and settling with the environment in which it is built. As such, it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate fit with vague measurements. The results are typical, you’ll find excessive light gaps, uneven edging, unbalanced cords, the list goes on. When spending this much time and money on selecting and purchasing window treatments, it’s always better to let a professional handle it. I have no intention of making a shameless plug right now by recommending the company I work for, but I really gotta say, when you deal with Excellent Blinds and Shutters, you’re getting a great value just from the free services we offer alone. Our products are the best, but the service is what’s really important. Use it!

Did anyone mention Warranty?

If you don’t do anything else when choosing window treatments, do this. Only pick products with a warranty. But be alert, because many of the products that are made for self-installation are void of warranty because of that. And for good reason. Self-installation is mostly done by people who don’t do it professionally, so most brands won’t offer a warranty, or they offer a warranty but don’t honor it because they can blame faulty installation. So when you’re shopping, only consider products with a limited lifetime warranty and let a professional install the product so you can have an invoice as proof that it was done in a manner approved by the manufacturer. There is another option, however, to let a company that specializes in manufacturing the product, install the product. Not only are you going to get the job done right, but take what I said about houses being unique earlier in this article. If, like most homes, the window frame dimensions are imperfect, the installer can install the product properly and specifically for that window at no extra cost.

Closing words…

Window treatments are an investment and can influence, not just the desirability of your home or “street value”; but also acts as an emotional investment, bringing balance to your everyday lifestyle. Choosing the right company to purchase from is just as important as choosing the right window treatments. When you buy something, you don’t just buy the product, you buy the service and reputation that comes with it. If you’re reading this short article, then you’re already in the right spot. Feel free to give a call with any questions or follow the link below to schedule a free in-home professional measurement and consultation.

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