Pirouette® Window Shadings

Are you in the mood for customized, high-quality window treatments? Consider purchasing Pirouette® Window Shadings from Excellent Blinds & Shutters. We custom engineer our blinds to operate silently and with optimal coverage.

What makes Pirouette® shadings and window treatments the best? Their cutting-edge design provides a unique modern style, incomparable functionality, and near-complete light control and UV filtering.

Their versatile style allows a customized shape and size and easy, nuanced control. They’re a great fit for any house, allowing you to filter your home’s light while maintaining a beautiful view of the outside.

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Take Advantage of a Unique Feature

Features of Pirouette® Shades

What benefits do you receive with Pirouette® shades?


Why are Pirouette® shades one of the most popular choices for large windows? A single blind can effortlessly cover frames up to 12 feet high or wide. Multiple shades fit together without much of a gap, granting a nearly seamless transition.

The shades offer several control options, including one-tap control, motorization, or child-safe cords.

Light Control

The sheet fabrics diffuse glare and, when closed, block 99% of light. The transparent backings diffuse sunlight while allowing a crisp view of your environment. While the shades are open, they provide UV protection against 83% of rays.

Beautiful Design

Pirouette® shades harness a unique style that uses fabric to expand and contract the shades. While the design provides complete functionality, it also offers a beautiful and luxurious style that sets the shades apart.

You don't need to settle for outdated and plain vinyl slats any longer. With Pirouette®, window treatments become a statement of style.

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Receive a $200 rebate* when you buy 2 Pirouette Window Shading, and receive a $100 rebate for each additional unit.

Hunter Douglas wants people to get window shadings they’ll love. That’s why they offer a $200 rebate when you buy two Pirouette® window shadings, with a $100 rebate for each additional purchase. This fantastic deal is until July 31, 2023, so consider taking advantage of it.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette® Window Shadings

Pirouette® Window Shadings come in a wide range of colors and fabrics to enhance your home’s decor. We specifically supply Hunter Douglas window shadings, providing high-quality products made from fantastic materials.

We promise to always supply a diverse selection of high-quality custom window treatments. Our products are exceptional, and our customer service is outstanding. When you partner with Excellent Blinds & Shades, you handle the design, measurement, and installation all of why you sit back and relax.