Silhouette® Window Shadings

Your home deserves the best window treatments on the market. That’s why you should consider Silhouette® Window Shadings for all your window coverings.

At Excellent Blinds & Shutters, we don’t force you to choose between form and function. We custom engineer our window treatments for easy use, maximum coverage, and luxurious style. Keep reading to discover the joys our shades can impart to your house’s design and decor.

Explore the Benefits

Silhouette® Features

Silhouette® Shades offer several features that make them the leader in light transformation.
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Design Versatility

The vanes in your Silhouette® Shade can range from two to four inches, granting excellent control in matching the shades to the size of the window. A wide array of fabrics and color choices allow you to match the shades with any style and increases your light control with different opacities.

Customizable Functionality

You can customize your Silhouette® Shades with a variety of control options:

  • Motorized systems for automatic and nuanced operation
  • Cordless systems for families with children or pets
  • Retractable wand option for one-touch control
  • Continuous loop operation for the functionality of a cord without the safety risk 

Excellent Light Control

Did you know UV rays can damage your furniture and belongings in addition to your skin? Depending on which Silhouette® quality products and fabrics you use, you can filter out up to 88% of UV light.

In addition to providing excellent UV protection, Silhouette® Shades are GreenGuard certified. Because they provide extensive control, they reduce the need for artificial lighting throughout your home.

Silhouette® Shades provide the perfect combination of your desired level of privacy and the perfect level of sunlight. The secret is the sheer fabric, which allows ample light to filter through while still allowing ample privacy. Plus, with nuanced control, you can obtain maximum privacy, extreme sunlight, or any balance in between.

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Receive a $200 rebate* when you buy 2 Silhouette Window Shadings, and receive a $100 rebate for each additional unit.

Get money back by purchasing from us. We offer a $200 rebate when you purchase two Silhouette® window shadings, with an additional $100 back for each additional unit, until July 31, 2023. Take advantage of this amazing offer today.

Types of Silhouette® Shades

Silhouette® Shades come in two main types. ClearView™ is the first; as the name implies, ClearView™ are sheer treatments added to the back of your shades to offer UV protection and light filtering while maintaining a clear view of the outdoors. Choose this treatment if you need to filter the light but have gorgeous views!

Duolite™ is the second; these room-darkening shades operate separately from the main shades but add superior blackout capabilities. They’re perfect for bedrooms or other areas of your home where you need to block out light completely.

We supply Hunter Douglas-brand shades that will help you really enhance your living space.