Roller Shades in the Living Room: A Perfect Fit or Not?

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The living room is a high-traffic area and focal entertaining space in most homes. With its ample seating, open layout, and connection to outdoor areas, the living room calls for versatile and stylish window treatments. Roller shades offer a sleek, modern solution for living room windows – but are they always the best choice for functionality and décor?

Factors to Consider for Living Room Window Treatments

When selecting window coverings for the living room, there are a few special considerations beyond basic privacy and light control:

Aesthetic Appeal

More than any other room, the living room is on display. Window treatments should blend with – or better yet, enhance – your existing furniture and décor.

Lighting Needs

The living room needs to transition from bright natural light during the day to a cozier, warmer ambiance at night. Treatments should make it easy to control the right amount of light at all times.

View Conservation

You likely want to maintain views of your beautiful backyard or cityscape. Opt for window treatments that provide privacy and glare reduction while still allowing you to preserve select outdoor views.

Roller Shades in the Living Room: A Perfect Fit or Not?

Can Roller Shades Meet Living Room Needs?

With simplicity and clean lines in style today, roller shades might seem like an obvious choice for living room windows. But do they actually meet all functional needs in this space?

Aesthetic Considerations

Roller shades are available in an expansive range of colors, patterns, textures, and opacities. This makes it easy to match or complement your home’s décor. Streamlined hardware in finishes like brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze lends a contemporary, unobtrusive look.

Lighting Flexibility

Light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics moderate outdoor light. Add convenient side channels or a motorization system, and roller shades provide impressive functionality for ambiance control from bright to dim.

View Preservation

Unlike opaque shades, roller shades with sheer or translucent fabrics can filter light while maintaining views. Light gaps along the edges of standard rollers also keep outdoor scenery visible.

Based on aesthetics, adjustability, and view preservation, roller shades can be a great solution for many living rooms.

Key Considerations for Finding the Best Roller Shades

If you opt for roller shades in your living room, keep the following considerations in mind:

Quality Fabrics

Invest in thicker, high-end fabrics with durable components and hardware. These help block more light and stand up to frequent use.

Precision Measuring

Carefully measure each window, accounting for depth and clearance. Improperly sized shades won’t roll up neatly and will attract dust and dirt.


Consider motorized roller shades for convenient remote or voice control. This allows easy adjustments from anywhere in the room.

Roller Shades in the Living Room: A Perfect Fit or Not?

Roller Shade FAQs

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about using roller shades in living rooms:

Sheer or light-filtering fabrics help soften incoming light while maintaining visibility. Or match the room’s needs with opaque blackout or dimming fabrics for daytime TV-watching.

Most homeowners prefer inside mounts for a sleek, unobtrusive look. Outside mounts work well for oddly sized windows or when adequate clearance doesn’t exist for inside mounting.

Yes! Motorized systems make adjusting shades convenient without having to manually operate multiple units. Add smart motors to integrate shades with home automation systems.

Discover the Ideal Shades for Your Living Room

Excellent Blinds and Shutters has helped hundreds of homeowners in Ontario, CA design their dream living rooms, pairing the perfect shades with each space and décor scheme.

Contact us today to request free design consulting and quotes for custom living room window treatments. Our designers evaluate room usage, layout, window placement, and aesthetics to curate just the right mix of shade styles for superior functionality and beauty.

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