Sunnex® Shutters

Sunnex® Shutters


Poly shutters Manufactured by Excellent Blinds and Shutters

Excellent Blinds and Shutters is proud to introduce poly shutters with the highest level of durability and maintenance free longevity available in the industry. Sunnex® shutters are manufactured by molding lightweight aluminum magnesium spars into a polymer compound of the stiles, louvers, and rails. The result is a shutter that is 20 times stronger than regular wood, and wood substitute. It’s fireproof, moisture, and heat resistant as well. 


Sunnex® Poly Shutters


  • Poly is weatherproof and resistant to extreme temperatures. It won’t fade, warp, chip or split.
  • It has a energy efficient value of R 4.5 when installed. This reduces outside temperature variations by 30 degrees from penetrating your room.
  • It’s constructed to be 20 times stronger than regular wood and other wood substitutes.
  • Engineered for durability with a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • One of the few window treatments available that will add long term value and equity to your home.
poly shutters
poly shutters

What are plantation shutters?

Why use poly shutters?

Plantation shutters are known throughout the world as interior shutters. With a long history spanning several civilizations, they became a staple of wealth and status which has carried on into modern times. Originally made of marble, its popularity spread across Europe and Northern Africa where wood was chosen as a sustainable alternative in manufacturing. 

However, over the years newer and stronger materials would be used in plantation shutters. Allowing them to be shaped and sized with the incredible accuracy. Making them the perfect window treatment for every home. 

At Excellent Blinds and Shutters, we manufacture a wide variety of shutters for your home. Poly is the best material substitute for wood, and its actually 70 percent more energy efficient as well.  Giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose the perfect design for your living space. 


Sunnex® Poly Shutters

Nestled between palm trees and mountains, our warehouse is located in a flourishing valley affectionately known as the Inland Empire. It’s here that we manufacture our products, ensuring quality while reducing the standard turnaround time. When you purchase from Excellent Blinds and Shutters, you’re getting the best products and service in the industry. It’s a habit to go out of our way for our clients, and one that we’re proud to have.  

Made in the U.S.A.