Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Elegant and timeless, Roman Shades have been around for thousands of years. Using luxurious fabrics that fold upon itself, they operate with the simplicity of a continuous loop cord and can be made in a variety of ways to match any living space décor.

Choose from endless customizations allowing you the flexibility needed to achieve your interior design goals. After choosing your fabric, you can further decide what type of fold you prefer.

Elegant Custom Roman Shades
Standard Fold Roman Shades

The most popular Standard Fold offers a contemporary modern look. When extended, the fabric will lay flat and true, with no creases visible. This particular style is also the most versatile, making it easy to transform any living space without changing too many elements. 

Pink Plain Fold Roman Shades

A Plain Fold allows more of the fabric texture and body to show by giving more structure to the fold. This is what people generally think of when they imagine Roman Shades, and is most inline with the traditional look. Keep in mind though, when fully extended the creases in the fabric will show. This makes it particularly unique when choosing match it with the rest of your living space. 

Soft Fold Roman Shades

Soft Folds allow the shades to look more voluptuous and fuller. When they’re extended, they’ll show a slightly rounded crease while still being straight at the bottom. This is a great option for someone who wants to combine all the different styles into one, making it an easy choice for someone new to Roman Shades. 

European Folded Shades Roman

European Folded Shades are the most unstructured and natural of all the choices available. This type of design maintains the natural structure of the fabric while extended to give the impression of modern drapery. When folded-up, the fabric bunches to create a natural curve.