Roller and Solar Shades in Ontario, CA

Provide the perfect amount of shade and style to your property with roller and solar shades from Excellent Blinds & Shutters. Our California business has amazing window shades that fit any size, aesthetic, and budget. With roller shades, the fabric unrolls when you close the shades and rolls back up when you’re letting light into your space, making them have a modern, clean, and stylish look.

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Options for Roller and Solar Shades

You’ll have plenty of room for customization when you choose from our selection of solar and roller shades. We offer a variety of fabrics with varying thicknesses. You can also choose from light and dark colors and the amount of opaqueness, allowing your preferred amount of sunlight in and out.

Some of our solar shade products work great in living rooms, sunrooms, and any other rooms that receive the most sunlight on your property. They block the sun’s harmful UV rays and decrease the amount of heat coming into your home. You get privacy and sun protection with one amazing product.

Solar Screen Shades for Increased Energy Efficiency

Our experienced professionals recommend solar screen shades for homeowners and businesses looking to have a more energy-efficient property. Some of our top-notch window coverings minimize heat gain, making your HVAC system struggle less to keep up with indoor temperatures. Your house or commercial space will stay cool without having to constantly run fans or air conditioners, saving you money and wasting less energy.

We offer an unbeatable selection of durable and beautiful solar screen shades, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We promise to help you find the perfect fit for your California space and carry many other excellent window-covering products like shutters, blinds, draperies, and more.

Why Are Roller and Solar Shades Perfect for Your Property?

You have limitless possibilities when choosing solar and roller shades for your space, ranging in textures, styles, and operation mechanisms. See how they can take your home or business to the next level by contacting us or visiting our showroom. We recommend solar shades and roller shades for the following perks:

Our Roller Shades Projects

We’ve helped many clients in Ontario, CA, find their perfect match with our solar shades and window treatment options. With our custom-made options and affordable prices, you’re guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of a fully-stocked showroom, we offer a personalized experience tailored to your preferences. Browse through our past projects to get inspiration for your own, then reach out to us to see how we can help.