Zebra Shades in Ontario, CA

Zebra shades are a beautiful option for window shades, offering superior light control, versatile design, and energy-saving capabilities. Originating in South Korea, these window coverings continue to grow in popularity because of their unique zebra-like dual shades and function. You can get the best choices for zebra shades at Excellent Blinds & Shutters in Ontario, CA.

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A Uniquely Beautiful Window Covering

How Zebra Shades Can Boost Your Window Aesthetics

Zebra shades are a type of roller shades that uses two fabric layers, sheer and dark, to create customizable light-filtering options. The name comes from the ability to create stripes to control the light, as you can make the light stripes or dark stripes all line up or have a combination of sheer and dark stripes. These dual shades make it easy to control the amount of privacy and light you receive in your home or business.

You can customize your zebra shades by choosing your favorite pattern, color, or style. Ask our design specialist during your free in-home consultations about potential options for your space!

Functional and Stylish

Advantages of Zebra Dual Shades

Zebra shades also go by banded blinds, combi, or dual shades and are ideal for darkening a room. They come with either a cord or chain loop that you pull to control the amount of sunlight and darkness. Some options have no cord and are motor-operable through a remote for convenience. While there are plenty of great light-blocking window coverings, here’s why zebra shades are a great pick:

Flawless Light Control

Flawless Light Control

Let in as much or as little natural light as you want with high-quality zebra shades!

Available in a Variety of Colors and Styles

Available in a Variety of Colors and Styles

You can choose more muted shades or bold hues for your shades. They're suitable for all interior designs and add a level of privacy.

Sunlight Protection

Sunlight Protection

Having high-quality zebra shades can make your house or business more energy-efficient. You'll also protect your furniture from getting sun-bleached and damaged. Furthermore, your pets and family members won't experience as much sun exposure through your home's windows.

Our Zebra Shades Projects

Since zebra shades are so flexible in their designs and styles, you’re only limited by your imagination. We have everything from more natural and simple choices to colorful and statement-making shades, so see what we have to offer. Browse our projects and get creative with your shade ideas!