What Are Solar Shades for Windows and Why You Need Them

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If sun-drenched windows are causing heat and glare issues in your home, well, now is the time to consider installing solar shades. Going beyond ordinary roller shades with added functionality to actively block sunlight, solar shades protect furnishings, cool rooms and save energy while still allowing outside views. Read on to learn all about this innovative window treatment solution.

What Are Solar Window Shades?

what are solar shades for windows

Specifically engineered to reduce solar heat gain, solar shades prevent intense sunshine from turning rooms into saunas. The secret is in specialized fabrics that actually deflect and diffuse UV rays rather than just filtering light like regular shades. This greatly cuts thermal transfer through windows exposed to the blazing sun and reduces reliance on air conditioning. Some solar shade materials even have metallic coatings for maximum solar protection.

Benefits of Solar Window Shades

There are many reasons to install solar shades in your home, especially on windows hit with direct exposure to sunlight during the day:

● Lower cooling bills – Blocking solar gain reduces AC workload
● Protect furnishings from fading – Deflecting UV rays keeps fabrics, wood and art from degradation
● Glare reduction – Diffusing properties prevent squinting without sacrificing views
● Comfort enhancement – Eliminate stark temperature variances room to room

Advanced Solar Shades – Taking Heat Protection Further

what are solar shades for windows

Look for these extra features when comparing solar shades on the market:

● Dual roller options with sheer screening and blackout layers
● Power-operated motorization for hard-to-reach windows
● Automated smart tech synced with home systems
● Insulated edges and backs for maximum heat blocking
● Stylish colors and textures that suit room decor tastes

Solar Shades vs. Window Film

Both solar shades and heat rejection films work to limit heat and UV light penetration, but achieve it differently:

● Solar shades physically block rays before hitting the glass through deflective fabrics
● Films adhere directly to glass to reflect sunshine away

While decorative shades lend themselves better to frequent adjustment, permanent filmed coatings provide 24/7 protection.

FAQs About Solar Window Shades

Any room with extensive glazing exposed to midday or afternoon sun requires solar shades to cut down on heat, glare and fade damage. Particularly vulnerable areas are living rooms, home offices, nurseries and bedrooms getting intense western sun. North-facing spaces are less prone to solar gain.

Attached above or outside windows, exterior solar shades provide the first line of defense, blocking rays before they hit the glass. Interior roller shades offer secondary protection with design flexibility. Combining both maximizes solar control indoors.

Yes, solar shade fabrics come in a wide variety of colors and textures to coordinate with any room’s existing palette and decor style – from neutral solids and bold patterns to natural woven woods and metallic finishes.

Specialized Solar Protection Awaits

Cooler interiors, lower bills, and protection from sun damage – who can argue with solar shades? Contact the window treatment experts at Excellent Blinds and Shutters today for a custom solar solution, including precise measurements and professional installation services. Enjoy livable comfort and stylish scenery.

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