Why Sunnex® Solid Core Poly Shutters Are the Best Choice for Your Home

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If you want to enhance your home with beautiful, durable shutters, Sunnex® solid core poly shutters are a clear choice. Constructed from cutting-edge materials and engineered for strength, these premium shutters offer unmatched advantages, making them the ideal window treatment. Discover why Sunnex® shutters surpass all other options in quality, performance, and enduring beauty.

Unrivaled Durability and Resilience

Unrivaled Durability and Resilience

The main benefit Sunnex® shutters provide is exceptional durability. Their solid core, reinforced with sturdy metal inserts, creates an internal structure of unmatched strength and resilience. This robust construction prevents sagging, warping, cracking, and humidity or UV exposure damage.

Sunnex® shutters maintain flawless condition and structural integrity through years of daily use. Their fade-, peel- and chip-resistant polymer finish keeps them looking perpetually fresh. No other shutter matches this level of quality and endurance.

Superior Design and Customization

With their graceful lines, contemporary styling, and vast color selection, Sunnex® shutters lend elegance that complements home décor. Accent your windows with dramatic black or chic white shutters. Choose from wood grain textures like espresso, ebony, and whitewash. Gray, navy, and bold colors heighten your home’s curb appeal.

Every set of Sunnex® shutters is made-to-order based on your exact window measurements for a perfect custom fit. Let your personality shine through with custom colors and shapes like arches, unique windows, and French doors.

Excellent Thermal Insulation

The solid core of Sunnex® shutters creates an insulating barrier that prevents heat and cold transfer through windows. This saves significantly on energy bills while regulating indoor temperatures.

In summer, closed shutters block solar heat gain, raising AC costs. During winter, they stop drafty air infiltration and heat escape, that increases your heating bill. Sunnex® shutters also buffer outside noise disruption.

Convenient Low-Maintenance

Sunnex® shutters are designed to stay looking beautiful for years with simple care. Their durable, scratch-resistant finish can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Never deal with peeling paint or frequent restaining.

Lightweight Sunnex® shutters smoothly glide open and closed manually, eliminating the need for cord systems. Open or close them anytime to control light, ventilation, views, and privacy. Enjoy the ultimate in fuss-free, convenient window shutters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sunnex® Solid Core Poly Shutters

Yes. Our team handles the entire installation process, ensuring proper fitting and function. We offer competitive pricing on shutter installation.

The robust engineered construction allows an expected lifespan of 15-20 years with proper care. This longevity provides great value.

Yes, every set of Sunnex® shutters is made-to-order based on your exact window measurements. This ensures a perfect custom fit.

Choose Sunnex® Shutters for Timeless Beauty and Performance

Sunnex® solid core poly shutters provide today’s homeowners with an optimal blend of aesthetics, strength, insulation, longevity, and value. Their custom design capabilities allow you to create the perfect shutter solution for your home’s unique windows and style.

Experience the difference between Sunnex® shutters’ enduring beauty, hassle-free care, and energy efficiency. Contact Excellent Blinds and Shutters to schedule a free in-home design consultation. Let us show you how to enhance your living spaces beautifully and affordably with superior custom Sunnex® shutters.

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