Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds

Enjoy the warmth and traditional feeling of wood blinds. It’s a classic combination that will make any room feel more comfortable. Our wood blinds are made using only the finest natural Basswood, which has the perfect qualities needed for looks and longevity. 

Natural Basswood is native to North America and has been used over the centuries for interior paneling, furniture, and even carriages. It’s ability to resist splitting while remaining free of knots, makes it the perfect choice for manufacturing blinds. 

At Excellent Blinds and Shutters, you can choose to customize your blinds with various paints and stains. We also offer cordless options for those that want a minimalist look while maintaining full functionality. 

Selecting the right blinds for your home is easy with our free in-home consultation. Let us design, measure, and install while you relax and enjoy your new window treatments.

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