What Are Zebra Shades? Benefits, Functions, and More

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With their distinctive layered design resembling the stripes of a zebra, zebra shades are a unique window covering that offer style, functionality and versatility to interior spaces. Keep reading to learn more about how zebra shades work, their unique benefits for rooms with sunlight issues, customization options and more.

The Layered Look of Zebra Shades

what are zebra shades

Zebra shades get their name from their special construction. Horizontal fabric layers called vanes hang at different lengths to create a patterned effect reminiscent of zebra stripes. The see-through layered look provides privacy and filtering while still letting some light through from the outside.

As part of the cellular shade family, zebra shades take window covering function beyond basic roller and Roman shades. Cellular shades’ honeycomb-like pockets trap air, acting as an insulator, heat blocker and light diffuser all in one. Zebra shades add striking style to these practical qualities.

Functions and Benefits of Zebra Shades

  • Privacy, visibility and glare filtering – Its look not only adds sophistication, but it also allows you to enjoy light from the outside as well as privacy from the inside all at the same time
  • Soft, even light diffusion – Scatters incoming sunshine to prevent glare
  • Adds architectural dimension – Dynamic depth and lines enhance room aesthetics
  • Insulating qualities – Air pockets reduce heat loss and block UV rays, thus saving energy
  • Easy maintenance – Just wipe vanes clean periodically
  • Design flexibility – Wide spectrum of materials, textures, patterns and colors

The Many Faces of Zebra Shades – Custom Options Galore

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From quaint cottages to industrial lofts, zebra shades offer endless possibilities to express personal style, even on tricky windows.

  • For contemporary settings, look for bold solids in canvas and vinyl that carry architectural shape and depth
  • In kids’ rooms, playful pastel patterns and blackout fabrics create cheerful spaces for sleep and play
  • Metallic zebras and natural woven woods or grasses infuse state-of-the-art texture
  • Velvety soft vanes help with insulation and upgrades the luxury factor in  any type of room

FAQs About Zebra Window Shadings

1. What rooms are best suited for zebra shades?

With custom sizing and fabric light filtering or blackout properties ideal for media spaces, bedrooms and home offices, zebra shades enhance any living area needing temperature control and UV protection.

2. How do zebra shades compare to alternatives like blinds or drapes?

Blinds have slats, drapes have folds, zebra shades have distinctive cells. The layered dimension joins style, function and originality, perfect for standout windows.

3. What operating systems work for opening and closing zebra shades?

Choose from cordless lifts, wands, motorization and more. Consider convenience and room aesthetics, or integrate specialty control systems like home automation.

Unique Light & Privacy Solutions Await

With increased design options, insulation qualities and built-in versatility, zebra shades offer far more than ordinary window coverings. Contact the Excellent Blinds team in Ontario today to learn more about customizing striking zebra shades ideal for any challenging window. Their customer service and selection is unmatched.

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